The Abacus Wills & Trusts Probate Service

Once an individual dies their Will (which must have been ‘proved’ in a court of law), will go into probate. Applying for the Grant of Probate is the initial step in the process of administering the estate according to the deceased’s wishes. This will also involve settling any unresolved financial matters and such before distributing the assets.

We are proud to offer an Executor and Trustee service in your Wills and Trusts, if you do not have a suitable person in your own family and friends.

As we know that the process of probate can be long and sometimes stressful, we at Abacus Wills and Trusts Global can put you at ease and guide you through the process, as well as being able to help and advise you in appointing executors in your own Will. We will also ensure that we provide an affordable, low cost service, and competitive and we promise to beat any written quote from elsewhere, all whilst always maintaining our professional standards.

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Professional Consultants

Providing you with a confidential and expert service with fully flexible, ongoing lifetime support.

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Our specialist practitioners are able to come and visit you in the comfort of your home at any time of the day to make the process easier for you.

Peace of Mind

We strive to deliver to all of our customers and ensure that any document we create for you is low cost and competitive.

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