Shariah Compliant Wills for Muslim Clients

An Islamic Will is a straightforward and inexpensive document to arrange. However, very few people in the Muslim population have taken this important step, and according to Sharia, one of the most important duties in a Muslim person’s life is to write an Islamic Will. Our Shariah compliant Islamic Will writing specialists ensure that your requirements are documented according to Shariah law.

The Islamic laws of inheritance provide for a specific distribution as mentioned in the Quran. However, unless you make a valid Islamic Will, your estate will not be distributed in accordance with Islamic laws of inheritance, and you will not be able to leave a Wasiyya. The Wasiyya is the portion up to a third of your estate which you can leave to anyone who does not automatically inherit under the Islamic laws of inheritance. 

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Why Choose Abacus?

There are various legal formalities you must undertake to ensure your Will is valid, including meeting the requirements of the 1837 Wills Act. Without the help of an expert, there is a real risk you could make a mistake. Here at Abacus Wills & Trusts, we specialise in Shariah compliant Islamic Will writing, and can ensure that your Islamic Will is legally binding and that your wishes will be carried out.

As with any Will, you should review Islamic Wills at least every five years and sooner if you have experienced any major life changes such as marriage, separation, or divorce, having a child or moving house. These changes should be reflected in the updating of your Will.

Our Shariah compliant Islamic Will writing service is tailored to you and your needs. We will provide a professional and confidential service to create a bespoke and secure Sharia compliant Islamic Will. Our friendly team will put your mind at rest and ensure your assets are distributed as you wish to those you love, in accordance with Islamic Law.

Benefits of Shariah Compliant Wills

  • Provide a flexibility that allows the testator to distribute up to one-third of their estate as they please, without restriction.
  • Gives automatic rights of your assets to the appropriate person.
  • If you have written a Shariah compliant Will and nominated guardians, you can be sure that your children are looked after by the people you have chosen.
  • We will ensure that any document we create for you is low cost, competitive and we’ll endeavour to beat any quote from elsewhere, all whilst always maintaining our professional standards.

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